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Do You Have A Lot Of Scorpions Hiding On Your Deming Property

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scorpion curled up on a dead tree

Scorpions are a frightening sight on your property. Although these intimidating insects prefer to stay hidden, it's not uncommon to find them inside your home. They're attracted to houses for many reasons and will make their way inside for food, water, or shelter. It's important to protect yourself from scorpions, as their stings are extremely painful and could result in a trip to the emergency room. Read on to learn all about scorpions and what you can do to keep them away from your home. 

Do Scorpions Make Any Sound?

While most scorpions are silent, some species do emit unique sounds. The bush-tailed scorpion, native to various African countries, produces a hissing sound. The sound is very similar to the hissing sound some cockroaches make. Bush-tailed scorpions create their signature sound by rubbing specialized body parts together.

In the United States, experts have identified over 70 species of scorpions. There are several types of scorpions found in the local Deming area. Here are a couple of the most common species along with their identifying characteristics:

  • Stripe-Tailed scorpion: This scorpion species is native to the Sonoran Desert region. It is a tan or brown color with brown stripes across the back of the tail. They are roughly one inch in length.

  • Arizona Bark scorpion: These scorpions are also found in the Sonoran Desert and are around an inch in length. They are light beige in color and have a slimmer tail than the stripe-tailed scorpion.

If you've discovered either of these types of scorpions on your property, it might be time to contact an experienced exterminator, like Snowden Exterminating.

Do Scorpions Make Nests?

Unlike many other insects, scorpions do not nest together or live in large groups. They are solitary creatures, preferring to burrow in holes by themselves, though it is also common to find them hiding underneath logs or rocks. Scorpions are nocturnal and feed on other insects, like spiders, cockroaches, and crickets. They will also seek out cooler locations to take shelter from extreme heat. An existing pest infestation may draw scorpions to your home to serve as a food source. Scorpions are most commonly found in crawl spaces, attics, and basements when they invade homes. 

Signs Of A Scorpion Infestation

In addition to having an untreated pest problem, your home may attract scorpions for a variety of reasons. These pests may not be too far behind if you have citrus trees in your yard. Citrus trees will draw the Arizona bark scorpion especially, and they use them to seek shelter from the heat. If you're in a recently built home, you may notice scorpions as well. New construction often disrupts scorpion populations, causing them to take up space on your property.

To protect yourself from New Mexico scorpions, try taking these preventative measures:

  • Seal or caulk all holes and gaps in exterior walls. 

  • Make sure screens in windows and doors are free of holes.

  • Clear debris from your yard and keep firewood at least 20 feet from your home's exterior.

  • Eradicate other pests that scorpions feed on.

  • Repair leaky pipes and faucets.

When you need professional assistance to get rid of scorpions on your property, contact the experts at Snowden Exterminating.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions?

Don't let scorpions keep you up at night. Snowden Exterminating has been a trusted source of pest control in Deming for over 70 years. Our experienced team uses a variety of treatment methods and tailors solutions to your own unique needs. We also offer follow-up treatments to ensure scorpions stay away from your home for good. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call today.