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Why Call Snowden Exterminating If Ants Have Invaded Your Deming, NM Property

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ant infestation in kitchen

Because ants are cold-blooded, when the weather is warmer, they are more active. This means you will notice them more. When it is hot and dry, ants try to make their way inside your New Mexico home in search of food, water, and shade.

Do All Ants Invade Homes?

There are many types of ants in New Mexico. You can try to identify ants by their anthills. Two types of ants that invade homes in Deming are odorous house ants and carpenter ants. While most ants are just annoying, some can be dangerous or destructive by tracking in germs on their bodies, damaging homes, or spreading allergies and disease.

One common type of ant that can be found in Deming is the odorous ant. These get their name because they emit a rancid coconut smell when they are crushed. This odor is a defense mechanism to alert other ants in the colony that something is wrong. An odorous house ant colony normally ranges from 100 to 10,000 members and may have more than one queen living in the same nest. While they are not physically destructive to homes, odorous house ants can contaminate foods and cause illness.

 Why You Shouldn't Waste Time With DIY Methods

Some DIY ant control methods suggest putting various spices or hot peppers around, which can irritate pets or harm crawling babies or toddlers—not your intended targets! For the same reason, using poisonous powders that you hope ants will take back to their nest can expose hazardous chemicals to pets and children. Furthermore, ants might carry these chemicals across counters, contaminating food sources and posing a serious health risk.

Trust the Professionals At Snowden Exterminating

We have built our company's excellent reputation by offering excellent customer service and quick response to our client's needs. Our expert technicians are ready to eliminate the threat of odorous house ants and carpenter ants in your home and show you how to keep them out. If you want an ant problem solved safely and completely, it's time to trust the experts at Snowden Exterminating. Reach out to us today to learn more about our ant control methods and year-round pest control options.