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Las Cruces, NM Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions In Las Cruces, NM

Incorporated in 1907, Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico. We are right at the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, and there is much outdoor adventure to be had. Whether you're immersing yourself in the wonders of Mother Nature., taking in our historical culture, or enjoying one of our top-rated farmer's markets, there's no doubt that Las Cruces is a wonderful place to call home. However, the downside is the presence of local pest populations. These invaders come into our homes and businesses looking for food, water, and shelter, which means we're vulnerable to infestations.

For the best pest protection in Las Cruces, look no further than Snowden Exterminating. Since 1951, our family owned and operated company has serviced the local community with expert residential and commercial pest solutions. We deal with all kinds of common area intruders, including rodents, scorpions, cockroaches, centipedes, ants, spiders, and many others. Reach out to us to speak to one of our pest professionals about your specific wants and needs.

Home Pest Control In Las Cruces, NM

Here in Las Cruces, owning a home is a full-time job. There's always something to worry about and something to take care of, and the last thing you need on your plate is a pest infestation. If you want to protect your Las Cruces home from the dangers of household infestations, you've come to the right place. Snowden Exterminating is here to address all your residential pest control needs. We've serviced over 450 homeowners in the area, customizing our solutions to meet each customer's needs.

We have 70 years of experience in the world of pest control, and our valued customers can attest to the quality of our services. In addition to our general pest control solutions, we offer additional residential services such as power spraying in yards and under trailers. No matter the nature of your pest problem, we are here to help. Call us at 575-526-9300 to request your complimentary estimate and inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Las Cruces, NM

Our commercial pest solutions give business owners in Las Cruces year-round coverage from infestations. We do a full sweep of the interior and exterior during our initial inspection, checking for entry points and conducive conditions, and we check for signs of a current pest infestation, such as:

  • Exterior debris and weeds
  • Mouse droppings
  • Spider webs
  • Ant trails
  • Wasps nests
  • Signs of roaches

After that, we treat the facility with a customized service plan catered to your needs. We've serviced over 100 local businesses, ranging from office buildings and restaurants to government buildings and multi-residential properties. Whatever your pest problem, contact us for the pest protection your Las Cruces business deserves.

The Dangers Rodents Bring To Las Cruces Properties

It's disturbing to discover rodents in your Las Cruces home or business, and there are very serious consequences that can result from a rodent infestation. Both your health and safety are at risk, and local home and business owners should prepare.

Rodents gain entry into your property via small cracks and crevices. They travel around and spread germs, bacteria, and pathogens, causing widespread contamination throughout the structure. They also leave droppings behind them as they crawl around. This contamination compromises the health of everyone on the premises, not to mention they can also spread diseases through their bites.

Rodents are also a threat to the structural integrity of your property. They chew on the structure as well as electrical wiring, putting your safety at risk, and that's why it's important to consider your rodent control needs.

Here at Snowden Exterminating, we provide safe and effective rodent protection for your Las Cruces home or business. With regularly scheduled services from the pest professionals, you can avoid the nightmare of an infestation altogether. Contact us to learn more about our rodent solutions.

What You Ought To Know About The Scorpions In Las Cruces

Scorpions are year-round pests that are only active at night. They're rather common here in New Mexico, and they are undoubtedly dangerous pests. The last thing you want to see is a scorpion in your home or business, but if you do, you should know what you're up against. Here are some facts you should know about scorpions:

  • Scorpions enter your structure through windows, doors, cracks, crevices, and pipes. Poor outside conditions like extreme heat and rain make them seek shelter in cool, dry, dark places. 
  • You may find scorpions hiding in the garbage, under floorboards, piles of leaves, firewood, overturned buckets, electrical boxes, old tires, and even your shoes!
  • Scorpions have a curved tale with their infamous stinger on the end. They do bite, and while most of them aren't venomous, scorpion bites are still a real threat. 
  • Scorpion stings are painful and can cause serious reactions in those with allergies. If you are stung by a scorpion, it's crucial to call for medical attention right away.

The most effective way to protect your property from scorpions is with professional pest solutions. Call Snowden Exterminating today to discuss your scorpion control and prevention needs; we're here to help. Our number is 575-526-9300.

Three Reasons Every Las Cruces Business Needs Commercial Pest Control

Professional pest control services are essential for Las Cruces businesses not only because business owners don’t have the time, knowledge, or ability to perform the necessary treatments, but for three very specific additional reasons:

  1. Avoids property damage. Working with a pest professional can actively prevent the damage that pests like termites, rodents, and wildlife can bring to a property. By implementing exclusionary methods and setting baiting systems, businesses can stay ahead of these issues.
  2. Maintains a professional appearance. Pest birds, for example, may leave behind massive amounts of droppings that can cover a building. And while this may lead to property damage as well, it also looks very unprofessional. Similarly, customers noticing ants, spiders, or other invaders does not give the impression that a business owner takes their operation seriously. 
  3. Keeps employees and customers safe. Professional pest control mitigates everyone’s exposure to the harmful pathogens that rodents, wildlife, and cockroaches pass along that can lead to tularemia, rabies, hantavirus, E. coli infections, and more.

At Snowden Exterminating, we provide comprehensive pest control services for businesses that are tailored to their exact specifications. Our skilled technicians will work to determine entry points, hot spots, and conducive conditions in order to build a plan that not only eliminates any active pests but also prevents future infestations from arising. For more information on our commercial pest control services, please call us today. 

Ant Prevention Tips For Las Cruces Residents

Ants in Las Cruces can infiltrate homes at any point during the year because of access to water and food, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Try these tips to prevent ant problems:

  • Fill cracks and crevices. One of the most straightforward ways to keep ants from entering the home is by looking for very small openings in foundations and filling them with silicone-based caulk. Additionally, replace worn window screens and use weatherstripping and door sweeps if doors don’t fit properly.
  • Aim for cleanliness. Ants seek out all sorts of foods like ones that are greasy, meaty, and sweet, so sweeping up crumbs, disinfecting spills, taking out the trash, and storing food in sealed containers are key.
  • Look for moisture issues. Another key reason why ants seek out homes is because of water collection, so fix problematic pipes, faucets, and spigots. 
  • Seek professional help. The most effective tip to prevent ant infestations is assistance from a pest control professional. These services will target entry points and conducive conditions as well as hot spots in order to draw out active ants and prevent future issues.  

For complete ant control that provides year-round relief, contact Snowden Exterminating today. 

Centipede Prevention Tips for Las Cruces Residents

Centipedes may look frightening and can be a real nuisance for Las Cruces homeowners. Because they are so easily lured inside of homes, it’s important to prevent them when possible. Try these tips for a centipede-free home:

  1. Start by sealing up all cracks and crevices, as this is the easiest way for centipedes to enter homes. Opt for liquid foam and silicone-based caulk for cracks in foundations and pay special attention to the base of foundations as well. Refresh weatherstripping around doors and windows that need it as well.
  2. Pay special attention to plumbing areas both inside and outside and check them often for centipedes, as these pests often breed inside of such areas. Additionally, look for leaks on a regular basis and fix any that appear. 
  3. Be conscientious about food storage by keeping grains, cereals, pasta, snacks, and baking items in sealed containers. Be sure to sweep up crumbs on the floor, counters, and drawers regularly.
  4. Try using scents like tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and peppermint to deter centipedes. 
  5. Bring in professional help to further deter centipedes and to create an effective perimeter around the home to keep them out. 

For more information on centipede prevention, call Snowden Exterminating today.

Avoiding The Financial Impact Of Cockroaches In Las Cruces

Cockroaches are a harmful pest for Las Cruces homeowners, and because they are so difficult to eliminate, they can also become a very expensive pest to address. At Snowden Exterminating, we ensure that our neighbors do not have to incur the financial burden of dealing with a cockroach problem. We tailor all of our services to our customers’ specific needs in order to deliver effective and reliable services.

When it comes to dealing with cockroaches, we provide free estimates and transparent, budget-friendly services. Our treatment program is designed to both eliminate active cockroach infestations and also preventing new issues from arising. This approach keeps our customers protected and by providing maintenance services, we can reduce costs in the future.

Our Las Cruces cockroach control begins with a comprehensive property inspection so that our skilled technicians can determine where cockroaches are active, what’s attracting them, and how they’re entering the home. From there, we address conducive conditions and create a barrier by treating the areas around windows, eaves, foundations, and more. We’ll then set up a recurring maintenance program so that we can always get ahead of roaches and mitigate financial impacts.

For more information on these services, call us today.