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Mimbres, NM Pest Control

Pest Control In Mimbres, New Mexico

Known as a census-designated place in Grant County, Mimbres, New Mexico, is named for the ancient community of people who once inhabited the land long ago. Despite having a dense population of 572, the area has so much to see and do for residents and visitors alike. 

For thousands of years, humans have inherited this landscape and still appreciate its power and beauty to this very day. However, as more people move to the area, residents experience this power and beauty through insects and wildlife. 

Once the area's wildlife enters your home or business, their power and beauty completely diminish, and they become pests. When that happens, Snowden Exterminating is here to save the day.

As southwest New Mexico's trusted name in pest control, we've been serving Mimbres with commercial and residential services since 1951. We are a family-owned and operated business that backs our services with our pest-free guarantee. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians not only provide the expert services you need, but we tailor our treatments to your home or business's specific pest needs. 

You deserve service built on trust and excellence when you have a pest problem. Call your local Grant county pest control to request your free estimate.

Residential Pest Control In Mimbres

mimbres nm pest control

Mimbres is in the desert; you will regularly deal with pests and wildlife. And you're not just dealing with common household pests; you're going to be dealing with what's categorized as 'not-so-common' invaders as well, like centipedes and scorpions (even though these pests are considered typical for this area).

These pests are generally outdoors, but the reality is that they frequently make their way inside your homes in search of food, shelter, water, and cooler temperatures. The dangers associated with these pests include property damage, spreading various diseases, and simply unnecessary stress and anxiety. To effectively remove them from your home and prevent an infestation from forming requires the skills and knowledge of professional residential pest control technicians in Mimbres. 

At Snowden Exterminating, we've been serving Grant County for over 70 years, making us the trusted name in Mimbres pest control. Our residential pest control services start with a thorough inspection of your property, allowing us to identify current pest activity as well as conducive conditions that could lead to future activities. 

Once we understand the pests plaguing your home, as well as the points of entry, we'll develop a customized treatment plan that targets your home's specific problems. When your first treatment is complete, we base the schedule for follow-up treatments on the severity of the pests invading your home. 

We provide treatment monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs. At Snowden, exterminating is our mission and your protection. We have the skills and experience you need to make your home pest-free and keep your family safe. Contact us today to request your free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Mimbres

At Snowden Exterminating, we understand the highs and lows that go along with running a business, as we are a business that's been operating for over 70 years. When problems arise within your business, we understand that you will need to handle the issues quickly and with care to minimize further and potential damage. A pest infestation is one of those problems; in fact, they're a very serious problem. 

The pests in Mimbres are highly invasive and can not only damage your building's physical properties but can also threaten the health and safety of your employees and customers. Moreover, they can also severely damage your business reputation and overall bottom line. By protecting your Grant County business from pests, you're also protecting it from all of the problems associated with pest infestations. 

We've been serving members for over 70 years providing tailor-made treatments for each business's unique needs. Give our team of experts at Snowden Exterminating a call today to set up your initial commercial treatment.

The Ultimate Guide In Making Your Mimbres Home Unattractive to Rodents

Rodents are pests that remain active throughout the year here in Mimbres. Though these pests spend most of their lives outside, they are very adaptable to the indoor conditions of your home, especially when it gives them access to food, water, and a temperature-controlled environment, that they can't pass up. 

Because rodents are prey to bigger animals, they have learned to hide to survive: this is the same skill that makes it easy for them to go undetected in our homes or yards for long periods before noticing them. Having rodents in and around your property may be cute to watch from a distance, but they are dangerous because they spread diseases, bacteria, and parasites. They also are contaminators of food and surfaces. 

Only professional rodent control services will get the job done to eradicate them from your home effectively. There are, of course, some prevention strategies you can implement, but they will prove to be ineffective without professional rodent control. Here are some prevention tactics to use:

  • Seal any openings or gaps in your home's exterior using silicone caulk or another appropriate material.
  • Properly store pet food in hard-sided containers with locking lids. 
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on your trash cans. 
  • Maintain and upkeep vegetable gardens.
  • Keep outdoor eating and cooking areas free of leftover food debris.
  • Repair all leaking pipes. 
  • Eliminate areas of standing water, including puddles.
  • Ensure downspouts direct water away from your home.

By taking the time out to implement these preventive measures, you're sure to make your home look less attractive to the rodents of Mimbres. Give Snowden Exterminating a call to set up your initial rodent control services.

Answers To Mimbres's Most Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions

Scorpions are extremely common in New Mexico, and as a Mimbres resident, there are probably a few questions you have about these common pests of the area. To put your mind at ease, our expert team at Snowden Exterminating has put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about scorpions. 

  1. Are Scorpions In Mimbres Dangerous?: Nearly all of the scorpions in New Mexico are considered not dangerous as most of them will run and hide when approached. However, all species of scorpions have pincers and a stinger on the end of their tails, which can cause pain, swelling, itching, and redness if you're allergic to its venom; therefore, they are dangerous.
  2.  What Brings Scorpions To Homes?: Scorpions like water, food, and cool spaces. If your home has any moisture issues, it will attract scorpions. Additionally, if you have another pest infestation in your home that you are unaware of, it will also attract scorpions because these smaller pests are food for scorpions.
  3. What Do I Do If I See A Scorpion?: If you see a scorpion, the best thing you can do is leave it alone. Please do not attempt to remove it yourself due to the high risk of stinging. Immediately call your local Grant County pest control for proper removal.

The more you know about scorpions, the better equipped you'll be to make informed pest control decisions and properly rid them from your home. Give Snowden Exterminating a call if you see scorpions in or around your home, and we'll come and safely and effectively remove them. Call to set up your scorpion control treatment today.

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