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Located on the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Lorenzo is a small suburban community that thankfully avoided the name Squattersville when it was founded in the 1850s. But, while our community may not go by the name, there are a fair amount of squatters here. No, not the people, but the pests who invade our homes and businesses and rely on our hard work for all their food, water, and shelter. This is why local property owners need to learn to avoid pest infestations from the start, not wait until a problem has grown, before thinking about proper pest control. At Snowden Exterminating, we can help.

Residential Pest Control In San Lorenzo, CA

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Very few people even think of pests until an infestation is already staring them in the face. The problem is, pests are often a cumulative problem. Failing to address the early factors that attract them practically guarantees that they’ll invade at some point. Once they’re there, failing to clamp down on pest activity quickly leads to other, larger issues. That’s why professional pest control is the best way to ensure that pest problems don’t pile up on you. At Snowden Exterminating, we’ve got a process that’s stood the test of time, helping countless clients avoid or eliminate pest problems.

  • Inspection: For starters, we get to know your property. No two pest problems are exactly alike, just like no two homes have the exact same vulnerabilities. Our inspections are designed to fully diagnose the scope of the problem and match you with solutions that address them completely.
  • Treatment: Once we know what your property requires, we get started on the right treatment plan for you. All our methods are safe and effective.
  • Follow-up: The most important part of pest control is verifying that the solutions actually held. That’s why we always check back with you a few weeks after your initial service.

Keep your home protected from pests the right way by reaching out to Snowden Exterminating today.

Commercial Pest Control In San Lorenzo, CA

With so many other things demanding your attention while you run a business, pest control can seem like the thing that constantly falls to the wayside. While this is natural, it’s also problematic. As pest problems build, they lead to more significant issues. In particular, pests can lead to property damage, health hazards, and, inevitably, more pests. That’s why professional pest control is the best way to stay on top of these issues. But you want to turn to the local company that provides you with the top results at the most affordable price. Here’s why Snowden Exterminating is your best bet:

  • Affordable: We offer prices that are low while still providing you with effective pest control. Where other companies balloon their costs with unnecessary bells and whistles, we stick to what works and don’t try to cram fancy new treatments down your throat.
  • Experienced: We go back decades in this community, developing long-standing partnerships with local residents and businesses alike.
  • Service Guarantee: You don’t make it far in this business without providing some kind of guarantee that backs every service. That’s why we make a commitment that you’ll be satisfied and, if not, we don’t charge for extra visits.

For the best in commercial pest protection, contact the professionals at Snowden Exterminating.

How Did These Ants Get In My San Lorenzo Home?

One of the most ever-present pests is ants. Not only are they attracted to our homes for the same reasons as other pests, but ants are also small enough to utilize access points that larger creatures like rodents can’t manage. This is why it’s especially important to take steps to prevent ants well before you actually notice them crawling around. Here are some of the biggest factors that contribute to ant infestations.

  • Food: Ants can pick up the chemical traces of food with their antennae, making them experts at finding crumbs or spills left behind. This is why proper food storage and cleanup are so crucial.
  • Moisture: Ants are also attracted to moist areas because they need water just like humans do. Leaks or moisture buildup can often lead to infestations.
  • Access Points: Ants can fit through the smallest crack or hole, which is why carefully inspecting your property for access points is a big part of pest prevention.

Contact Snowden Exterminating today for help dealing with these factors or effective treatments that shield your home from ants entirely.

What Homeowners In San Lorenzo Ought To Know About Spiders

Find us a homeowner who’s never had a spider crawling around their property, and you’ll have found a liar. Spiders are some of the most common invaders of human properties. Everyone knows what they look like, and many people have even developed phobias of these common invaders. But the thing about spiders people don’t often think about is how they are drawn to properties because of pest populations that are already there. The ant tunnels in your yard, beetles wander around your garden, all these things are magnets for spiders because arachnids hunt smaller pests for their prey. Unlike other pests, spiders don’t care about the food in your pantries. They are more self-sustaining. But that also means they won’t just go away because you want them to. Instead, turn to experts who can eliminate spiders and the pest populations that are drawing them to your home in the first place. Contact Snowden Exterminating today to learn how we can protect your San Lorenzo home from spiders.

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