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Pest Control In Tyrone, NM

The original town of Tyrone, NM may be a ghost town, but there are plenty of pests that live in the Tyrone, NM census-designated area. These pests can invade homes and businesses where they can inflict damage and spread disease. To keep your home or business safe, you need pest solutions you can trust. 

Here at Snowden Exterminating, we offer both residential and commercial pest solutions. These are the most effective ways to keep your home or business pest-free all year long. For safe and effective Grant County pest control, contact Snowden Exterminating today. 

Residential Pest Control In Tyrone, NM

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No two homes are exactly the same, and they don’t require the exact same pest treatments. That’s why we customize our home pest control plans to meet the specific needs of each house that we service.

We achieve this by beginning with a thorough inspection of the property to determine problem areas, entry points, and conducive conditions. We then base our treatments on our findings. This ensures your home receives the most effective treatments available. 

We offer ongoing services on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. These are integral to ensuring your home remains pest-free all year long. Give us a call today to get started with a home pest control plan that works for you and your property. 

Commercial Pest Control In Tyrone, NM

Pests are bad for business. They can contaminate inventory, harm employees, and even hurt your reputation in the community. To keep your business free of pests, you need commercial pest services that you can trust. 

We develop customized pest treatment plans for each of our commercial customers to ensure every business we service receives the most effective treatments possible. We also take every industry regulation and other considerations into account before we begin treatment. 

To ensure your business remains pest-free all year long, we offer ongoing pest services on a schedule that works for you. Contact us today to get started with commercial pest services that you can count on to protect your business from pests all year long.

What You May Be Doing To Attract Ants To Your Tyrone Property

Ants! It’s not just an animated Woody Allen vehicle. They’re also pests that can invade your home or business. What’s worse, they can spread disease, damage property, and even inflict painful bites. To keep ants out of your home or business, you need to know effective ant prevention techniques. You also need to know factors that attract ants to properties. These include:

  • Improperly stored food – food not in the fridge should be stored in airtight containers to keep from attracting ants. 
  • Spills – spills and food debris on counters and floors are surefire ways to attract ants to your home. 
  • Improperly stored trash – if you let trash build up in the can, ants may enter your home looking for it. You should also use bins with tight-fitting lids. 

By limiting factors that attract ants, you can cut down on your odds of dealing with an ant infestation. If ants do invade, contact Snowden Exterminating for effective ant control solutions. 

How To Prevent Spiders From Invading Your Basement In Tyrone

Spiders are creepy-crawly pests that will frequently invade homes in search of food. As such, if your home has other pests living in it, you might find yourself dealing with a spider infestation as well. Therefore, the best method for spider prevention is by practicing general pest preventions techniques. These include:

  • Store food in airtight containers or the fridge.
  • Wipe up spills promptly and keep counters and floors clean.
  • Use trash bins with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Wipe away webs as you come across them. 
  • Use door sweeps, weather-stripping, and window and door screens. 
  • Fill in cracks in your home’s foundation. 

For more spider prevention tips, contact Snowden Exterminating. Inquire about our spider control services as well. Give us a call today to get started. 

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