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What To Do About Centipedes In Your Deming Home

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a centipede inside a house

What has lots of legs, a painful bite, and a creepy exterior? Deming’s very own centipedes, of course! Centipedes are perhaps the most misunderstood insects in Deming. This creepy crawler is classified as a predatory arthropod, feeding on other small insects and tiny pest prey.

Although the prefix ‘centi’ means ‘one hundred’ in Latin, these pests do not actually have exactly 100 legs. They are more likely to have anywhere between 50 to 85 legs on average, with a range of 34 to 354. These insects are particularly noted for having odd-numbered legs, and according to scientists, will never have a perfectly even number.

Much of what you have heard about centipedes is true. These pests are perfectly capable of delivering painful bites, piercing human skin, and injecting venom into victims’ bodies. However, it is important to note that centipedes are not aggressive insects and rarely choose to attack people. Professional etymologists classify these insects as nuisance pests, which are perfectly harmless to both people and pets. Even if a centipede bites you, you can expect to recover from the brief pain after a few hours.

The Best Centipede Prevention Tips For Deming Property Owners

Whenever possible, centipedes prefer to remain outdoors and in the yard. These pests require plenty of space to feed and chase down potential meals with surprising speed. Your Deming home is not likely to offer an abundance of food, and unless there are significant underlying concerns, centipede prevention can be easily enacted without formal training.

To help homeowners in Deming with their centipede related concerns, check out Snowden Exterminating’s list of helpful prevention tips: 

  • Address any moisture issues in the home, particularly areas with chronic leaks or humidity. A dehumidifier is an excellent way to reduce air moisture, while fixing clogged pipes and leaky drains is an excellent second step. 

  • Remove any yard debris that could be attracting the attention of centipedes. This includes unraked leaf piles, thick weeds, and piles of mulching near the sides of the home. Practicing proper yard maintenance is also a great way to prevent incoming secondary infestations. Speak with a local lawn practice to learn more. 

  • Stop pest prey species from ever scouting by your home by practicing all the best pest prevention practices. Clean the home frequently, remove the garbage often, and otherwise store food items in properly sealed containers. 

Centipede protection on your own is certainly possible, but it is not always the best way to go for extensive infestations. In this case, it would be wise to reach out to the professional team at Snowden Exterminating for help.

Snowden Exterminating Has A Foolproof Plan For Success

Snowden Exterminating is one of Deming’s most trusted providers of local centipede control. While these pests are certainly not the most dangerous creatures in the world, Snowden Exterminating understands that your family still needs protection from biting and potentially threatening pests. That’s why all of our localized services address centipedes at their core.

  • Every program is designed to adapt to your needs, providing personalized inspections and application services to all clients. 

  • We go the extra mile by performing regular check-ups on your home. 

  • Our pest-free guarantee ensures stellar service with every visitation. 

When the time comes to invest in proper centipede control, choose the most effective solution with Snowden Exterminating. Let’s find a way to get you centipede-free for life! We offer both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services.