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How To Tell If The Spider In Your Deming Home Is Dangerous

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black widow spider in a web

Spiders are easily some of the most misunderstood pests in Deming. Not only are they feared for their creepy exteriors and sticky webs, but their long fangs and venomous bites certainly don’t help. It is important to understand that most spiders in our area are classified as nuisance pests. In other words, these creatures are unable to harm either you, your pets or your property. More often than not, spiders want to be left alone to do their own thing. If they could live their entire lives without coming across humans, they would!

All spider species have venom in their bites, and all spiders have fangs with which to deliver their various toxins. Thankfully, only two species in North America have the ability to endanger human health and wellness. These two species include the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider, native to the area.

Here are a couple of identification factors for both species of spider:

  • Brown recluse spiders are ¼ to ½ an inch in size, while black widow spiders are less than 10 millimeters on average.

  • Black widow spiders have a bright red ‘hourglass’ symbol under their abdomen, while brown recluse spiders have faded ‘fiddle’ shapes.

  • Brown recluse spiders are brown and fuzzy in appearance, while black widows are shiny black.

Both brown recluse and black widow spiders are some of the most misidentified arachnids in North America. However, if you think or know that you have been bitten by one of these creatures, immediately reach out to a medical professional.

How To Prevent Black Widow & Brown Recluse Activity

Preventing spiders from entering the lawn is not always easy. Nevertheless, it is important to prevent black widows and brown recluse spiders from ever gaining access to your property.

Follow these helpful steps to make the most of your lawn and its defenses:

  • Practice all general pest control efforts to reduce the presence of pest prey. Remove stagnant water puddles, eliminate food access, and seal up garbage bags.

  • Identify any cracks or gaps around the property, finding a way to seal them off with waterproof caulking materials.

  • Check window screens and door sweeps for any sign of a pest presence.

  • Vacuum, sweep, and dust regularly to discourage infestation behaviors. 

Get ongoing spider protection with the team at Snowden Exterminating to combine all your prevention steps into one easy program.

Snowden Exterminating Makes Spider Control A Breeze

Although the vast majority of spiders in our backyards cannot harm people or pets, their presence is very much unwanted for many reasons. If you think or have an inkling spider species have come calling near your Deming home, look no further than the control team at Snowden Exterminating.

After decades in the service, Snowden Exterminating is well known for safely removing dangerous spider species in commercial or residential environments. We do our part to safely and securely remove the spiders in question, relying on low-toxicity chemicals and short-term exposure that will protect your family for years to come.

Inquire about spider control services from Snowden Exterminating by submitting an online contact form. To speak with a representative about your unique options, reach out to a Deming representative immediately. We offer both home pest control and commercial pest management solutions. Let’s get you spider-free for good!