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Power Spray Service In Deming, NM

Power Spraying Services For The Ultimate Protection From Deming Pests

Power Spraying is a method of pest control that Snowden Exterminating utilizes against various insects to deter them from entering your home by building chemical barriers around and underneath structures.

When we power spray, we use a large tank powered by an electric or gas-powered pump and a high-powered spray nozzle to spray a large barrier around or under structures, and (in some situations) the entire yard around the structure. Power spraying takes a significant amount of extra time to complete, as well as a significant amount of chemicals, and as such involves an additional expense beyond what a typical service would cost.

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Power Spray Pre-Service Checklist

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Due to the significant expense of a power spray service, below are some steps you can use to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this service around your property, and your help with these steps is greatly appreciated.

Prior To Spray Service

  • Pick up and put away all kids’ items (toys, dishes, clothing, etc.)
  • Pick up and remove all food, drinks, and serving utensils (plates, bowls, glasses, cups, forks, spoons, knives, bottles, cans, etc.)
  • Pick up and put away all pet toys and food/water dishes.
  • Empty, remove, or turn upside down any objects that could allow water to puddle, including birdbaths.
  • Remove pet beddings from the premises or place them outside of the area we will be spraying.
  • Ensure the outside perimeter of the structure is clear of miscellaneous items and debris.
  • Remove birdseed and bird feeders from the area being sprayed, including those hanging from eaves and tree branches.
  • Close all the structure’s windows and doors during the treatment to avoid anything getting into the structure.
  • Turn off Swamp coolers until treatment is completed.

After Treatment

After treatment has concluded, keep pets and children off and away from treated areas until the treatment has completely dried. The time to dry depends on outside conditions including temperature and humidity but is generally within 30 minutes.

Special Considerations

  • If the power spray is specifically for ticks or fleas, be sure to have pets treated for ticks and fleas right before or right after power spray treatment is completed.
  • If treating for ticks or fleas, we also recommend a treatment inside the home or business for ticks and fleas.
  • Before treating inside the structure for ticks and fleas, we recommend first vacuuming the entire structure and furniture, and then disposing of vacuum contents outside and into a trash bag to be thrown away in a trash bin away from the structure.

Please be aware: Power spray treatments can only be done when the weather is dry and not windy.

Complete Pest Protection You Can Count On In Deming, NM

Power Spray service from Snowden Exterminating is a safe and effective way to eliminate even the most difficult pests from a home or other structure. Contact us today for more details about our home pest control and commercial pest control services!

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